I’m Emmanuel, a Product Designer with a Masters degree in design from Harvard. I am driven to design to reimagine the human experience and enhance people’s opportunities by solving problems that matter. I’ve worked with MacArthur Geniuses, Rome Prize designers, and companies with members who manage over $18 trillion in assets under management.

Using tools like Figma, Sketch, InVision, and the Adobe Suite, I’ve designed digital platforms for clinical researchCOVID-19, travel, fitness, event management, and even ballast water treatment systems! I’ve also created holograms (like the one on my homepage!) to show the growth phase of sakura trees using my phone and a few pieces of plexiglass.

My creativity springs from the intersection of the arts and sciences where I began my career in landscape architecture. I sharpened my focus as a designer in the realm of Product Design to solve more impactful solutions. Great design is inclusive, rigorous, and inspired by divergent ideas, those of which I bring to the table with my unique experience.

In my spare time, I like exploring my city, the world, and my kitchen. I’m also really into board games, and have two cats named Linus and Lucy. I live in Brooklyn, NY.

Here’s my resume.

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